Smart Chat's Top Features

Make Smart Chat Your Personalized Solution

With a variety of marketing options out there, Smart Chat works hard to not only be an effective solution, but one you can call your own. From the "chatelligent" script created for your offer to the inclusion of your logo directly within the chat interface, your customers will feel they are receiving a personal offer directly from your company. These little touches go a long way to improving the increased success of your marketing.

Chat Window Features

Customizable Title
The first message people see can draw them in to read more about what you are offering. Rather than a generic title, you can create whatever verbiage is the hook that really makes your offer cook! Identify the most common reason people leave your offer and address that directly!
Personalized, Smart Script
Those users that do choose to interact with the script are presented with a well matched set of responses that provide the appearance of coming from a live agent. You help craft the trigger words and responses that best fit your product and potential customers.
Brand the Smart Chat Window with Your Logo!
Most chat applications available like to take up screen real estate self-marketing their product instead of yours! Not so with Smart Chat. We stay behind the scenes and let your logo help sell your product for a more effective solution.
A Pleasant Personality
The Smart Chat window includes a pleasant virtual agent photograph to create a connection with the potential customer. It's amazing the difference this makes. The agent photo can be customized for gender and ethnicity to match the personality of your company and/or offering.
Maintaining Customer Attention
Customer attention can be a fickle thing, so maintaining it is key. Our chat interface includes an activity notification to let cusotmers know when the virtual agent is "typing" and a new message response is coming. We have found this activity keeps customer engaged in the conversation and increases the sense of having a real, live discussion.
Huge, Customizable "Action" Button
The entire point of the chat, of course, is to lead the potential customer to the desired action, which is why we have included a huge action button. This button text is customized to your offer to have the highest chance of impact. We find between the title and button text that most users act on the save action before ever enganging in the chat!

Additional Features

Smart Chat provides a host of additional features for your company, including detailed real time statistics to measure your campaign and personalization tools for instant customization of your Smart Chat effectiveness. To see more, please contact one of our representatives for a live demo and to see how you can implement a no risk trial of Smart Chat on your offer.

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